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Photos from March 9, 2017 : telling a story of connections


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Mixed Signals

Stop or go? All I can say is that I’d rather do, knowing the risk of regret, as opposed to regretting not doing.

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From My Head

Thoughts or emotions? Loving can come from the mind. Thoughts can influence us and help us get to a point of understanding, like when we confirm, “yes, I do love this person,” but I warn against allowing the mind to stay in control thereafter. As mentioned before, don’t regret not doing. Love with your heart; let your body move as it wants; your mind has no business where your feelings are.

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Selfish or independent? It’s the blatant truth about human nature that we live in our own worlds, each a microcosm. Call it what you will, selfish or independent: whatever the name, this is the reality. Most times, the walls we build up around ourselves seem so secure. We feel safe within them. But if all of us are doing this simultaneously then how will we ever enter another’s life? I think that subconsciously, those who build walls leave an opening for the few people who take the time to look for it.

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All (or Nothing) Flag

Freedom or delusion? There isn’t much to say about this except that I urge everyone to think critically of our nation’s current affairs, which by the way are not limited to what happens within the United States of America. These walls we’ve built as a country, whether physical or not, need to be broken down because those who’ve come to us through the tiny hole of acceptance we Americans have created is no longer acceptable as sufficient. America, the land of the free, should not imprison itself in delusional narratives of what it means to be American. Instead, it should first listen to the smaller, more pertinent narratives of individuals who deserve the same inalienable rights as the most privileged, white citizens.


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Red | White | Blue



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Do (not) lean on door


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M.J.: 04/08/2017


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