10 Actions | 100 Days

Back in the beginning of the year, my apartment mates and I thought it would be fun to host a postcard making party. We bought materials for DIY postcards and one apartment mate made “Pussy Hat” cookies for the party. It was, generally, an amazing experience to gather like-minded students in one room working on accomplishing a common goal. I think many of us were disturbed by the result of the elections, but knew we couldn’t just sit around and sulk. As suggested by the Women’s March 10 Actions | 100 Days campaign, the postcards were a great way to get our voices out there. Of course, Senator Cory Booker and Senator Robert Menendez already have political views that we didn’t have to change, but we hoped that sending these postcards to them was a form of encouragement to let them know that their NJ constituents stand behind their attempts to protect everyone’s rights.

Below, you can find the postcards that my friends and I made at the party to complete Action 1.  Together, we sent out 20+ postcards to Senator Cory Booker and Senator Menendez expressing our concerns following the new administration. I encourage everyone to throw a postcard making party or simply send one on their own to express their concerns.  [Tips on how to host one can be found at the end of this post.]

I’ve received permission to publicize the following postcards:



Blank Cards: As long as the card is thick enough to be sent on its own, you are in good shape. Regular paper is too thin to be sent out in the mail.

Image result for simply solids box of cards

Image result for simply solids box of cards

Markers: Make sure your markers are water proof. It’s best to use markers and pens that do not smudge. Make sure they’re compatible with the material of the postcard. One way to avoid incompatibility is by taping a piece of regular white paper on the postcard and writing on the paper instead of directly on the postcard.

Image result for colorful permanent pen

Decorations: For simple, easy, and clean designs, I just bought generic washi tape and printed out images that might work best in expressing the sentiments of the post card content as you can see in the postcards shown above.

Image result for washi tape


The rest is pretty simple! You’ll need to figure out a method by which you want to send out the postcards. We sent the postcards out together in one envelope. I also ensured that the postcards didn’t get damaged by placing them inside a plastic bag. Everyone will decorate their postcards as they’d like, and hopefully everyone will be on the same page about what message you’d like to send out as a group, even if individually everyone will express their concerns in their own ways.

For some extra fun, we had “Pussy Hat” cookies:


Hope this encourages you to get your voices heard in your own way!

M.J.: 04/11/2017



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