Spring Cleaning [part:ONE]

Featured comic written and illustrated by Gulls Comic

Yesterday, I performed at a Coffee House. I was supposed to perform spoken word, but I couldn’t complete anything in time for the event so I desperately scrolled the hidden blogs of my past to find a few poems. Along the way, I came across random, incomplete pieces I’ve been writing through the past few years. I decided it would be nice to bring them out and share them here, finally.

I’m still not sure how many I want to publish, but this will probably be a multiple part series, perhaps themed. This first “reveal” will simply be an introduction to some very random thoughts which may have been the roots of my desire to begin Michelle J Talks.

I’m a hoarder so “Spring Cleaning” really just means rummaging through my belongings and placing them somewhere new. Even words and thoughts are difficult to let go of.

P.S. I’m feeling extra naked.

M.J.: 04/19/2017


“Thought Experiments”


I want to be a speaker so I’m gonna have to start writing my thoughts down more.

February 7, 2017.

Musical Walks
Listening to music while walking feels so good. You feel less lonely and it gives you a foundation for thoughts. You get to think about the words and tune and rhythm, relating to the artist and emotions attached to each beat.

January 26, 2017.


What are some reasons to live?

To feel emptiness, chasing fulfillment?

December 18, 2016.


Asians, the forgotten.

December 18, 2016.

Mysteries of the Night

Why is it that every night when I put my head down to sleep my mind suddenly implodes. Literal bursts of thoughts collide with one another and are crushed to squeeze into my restless brain.

August 8, 2015.


My long time goal is to be happy.
I know that I can only be happy if I help other people, giving them happiness, which in return will make me happy.
I don’t know if that makes me selfish or not–me wanting to help people to make myself happy[…]

August 13, 2014.


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