Miss Fortune’s Good Fortunes

Featured photo taken by M.J. on May 9, 2017 using Samsung Galaxy S6 camera.
{ I’ve convinced myself that if I procrastinate, I should procrastinate by writing a blog post. }

Hello! I haven’t published a post in a long time and I’ve been dying to do so. My finals have me tied down, and my thoughts were preoccupied with writing for other things. I thought it would be fun and easy to share a hobby I have: I love collecting the paper fortunes from fortune cookies.

This little amateur collector’s habit used to look like me reading a good fortune, shoving it in my pocket to keep, and then losing it to the washer or some other unfortunate mishap. Then, I started to collect them in a little Dylan’s Candy Bar jar but after shoving them in for my keepsake, I’d forget that they’re on my shelf collecting dust. I didn’t revisit them, ever. So, this year, I began to tape them into a journal I use for creative expression. I started in the back of the journal, and I can’t wait to fill the pages so that these fortunes eventually meet the content with which I’m filling the front pages.

I am two fortunes shy of filling two full pages but I decided to post nevertheless because why not! I wish I had saved the many fortunes from before, but oh well, better late than never. I also wish I had dated them but only began yesterday, so oh well to that too, and like I said, better late than never.

I’ve always considered myself a very lucky person. According to my dad, I always have “lucky” dreams (apparently, having a fire in your dream means luck is coming your way) which he always “buys” from me. It’s just a superstition and fun concept my family has adopted. I also am thankful for having been born in America in a well-to-do family, having received a great education so far, and having a hopefully bright future ahead of me. These are privileges I was born with, and despite my deeply seeded concerns about the unfairness I’ve faced as a Korean American woman in America, I definitely acknowledge and appreciate the gifts I have had all my life. I don’t know where my obsession with reading fortunes stemmed from, but I think it has to do with a memory I have.

My family used to go to a Chinese buffet often for large gatherings. I associate that restaurant with celebrations, reuniting, and simply good times. At the end of the meal, no matter how much we stuffed our faces, my favorite part was to choose a fortune cookie, ripping open the plastic and splitting the cookie. {crackle!!} I’d pull the two pieces apart, and hear the paper slide through the rough, cracked edges of the cookie until it landed in between my fingers. I’d straighten out the paper, read the fortune, and share it with my sisters and cousins. I still love reading what is written, as if the world has something to tell me. It’s a similar thrill and excitement as what you get from following horoscopes. I wonder who writes them and where many of the sayings come from. Sometimes, they’re prophetic; other times, they’re pretty and poetic.

Hmm, anyway, below are THIRTEEN FORTUNES I hope will get y’all students through finals and get me hyped for my last semester as an undergrad this upcoming Fall!

“Miss Fortune’s Good Fortunes”

I thought this would be a fun title for a piece of fiction I plan to write~


Thirteen Fortunes

  1. “Love is the first feeling people feel, because love is nice.”

  2. “Even the smartest person can learn something from the dumbest.”

  3. “Failure is the Mother of Success.”

  4. “Compassion will cure more than condemnation.”

  5. “Education is not filling a bucket, but lighting a fire.”

  6. “First they ignore you, then they attack you, then you win.”

  7. “Reconcile with an old friend. All has been forgotten.”

  8. “An exciting opportunity lies ahead if you are not timid.”

  9. “The principle business of life is to enjoy it.”

  10. “[…] dreams never die; they just get filed away.”

  11. “Perceived failure is oftentimes success trying to be born in a bigger way.”

  12. “If you look back, you’ll soon be going that way.”

  13. “Sure, you have duties, but what about your duties to yourself?”


Good Luck with Life, (tehe)



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