I’m Just Gonna Go For it.

Featured image taken from Gaks Designs Art and Design Blogs.

Sigh. Oh, boy. It’s been a while since I last posted.

There’s a lot I’ve been wanting to do, and so the list is extremely exhaustive. But I’m barely exhausted because I have yet to finish the majority of them, and have yet to even begin many more of them. I do this a lot, telling myself I’ll go for it, but never actually following through; so I need to remind myself what this blog is for.

I had created it to just go for it; to just write what comes to mind, without much structure or concern for how the content might relate from blog post to blog post; no theme in mind aside from the one of discovery, experimenting, and enjoying. I do feel very naked, very vulnerable to the public eye, but the heck with public opinion, right? We live in a world where the world is literally in our hands; it is our oyster, and when we have the privilege to make something of it, I say that we should.

“no theme in mind aside from the one of discovery, experimenting, and enjoying”
Title unknown: Illustration by Amygdala Dreams

To anyone out there who is hesitating to begin, let’s just go for it. I mean, I know, I’m being a hypocrite because, yes, my list is still very untouched. But, I’m hoping that as I get more settled with getting used to both the turbulent tides of life as well as the long, calm and very still waters of the night, I’ll slowly build all of these dreams of mine into one massive ship to sail. Like a seafarer, I just want to become an excellent navigator, even if there is no destination in mind. I just want to know how to take control, take ownership, and live up to the challenges ahead of me while steering my way through endless oceans, despite the lack of a clear end point.

Black is the Color by Julia Gfrorer

We will always have an anchor for the moments when we need rest, and this anchor will become stronger as the ship becomes steadier, and thus so will the journey. Here is to making change at our own pace, not at the stroke of new year’s midnight or with the coming of tomorrow; just slow and steady change, today, when I feel like it.

I had told myself to just write, and that is what I will do.

I’m excited, again, to see where this goes.
Consider it a rebirth; a revival of a blog that almost died too young.


“Already 4:22 AM.”

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